Meet Funko Pop Dancing Groot! (I fondly call Pot Groot… ehem)
I impulsively bought him after watching the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” at the time when the Funko Pop hype was just starting to gain some ground. I didn’t realize back then that it would be a well sought after Pop today. There doesn’t seem to be any in store displays lately as people keep asking me where I got one though I don’t think he’s that rare. He’s the only Pop I’ve owned so far and thankfully I didn’t get obsessed with collecting them.


Pot Groot needs some dusting.  (Shot with a BlackBerry Passport.)


So. Now I’m thinking of getting him a companion. Just out of the blue, while feeling saturated from my stuyding, I thought he looked lonely and C3P0 popped into my head along with R2D2. So now I want a Pop C3P0 but remembered that there’s a really tantalizing Egg Attack C3P0 and now I want the egg attack one. I am now accepting donations. Thank you.

Seriously though. When I get enough funds I might get that egg attack version along with R2D2 because C3P0 just won’t feel right without R2.

IN OTHER NEWS. Today I still failed to wake to my alarm. I think I woke about 30 mins after it initially rang. *sigh*
I’m still working on it though. As always.


  1. Wake up to Alarm: 7:30AM – I’ll try going for the 30s if I can’t wake at the 00s if you get what I mean.
  2. Vitamins! REMEBER!
  3. Target water intake.
  4. Target number of steps and active time.
  5. Word count increase to 200 words minimum.

I’ll keep my goals fewer so I can easily keep track.

Wish me luck!



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