So I have this big blank wall in my room and I see it as a huge blank canvas right now. It’s screaming for some artistic attention. I’ve been pondering on putting up movie posters or a wallpaper but I want to have more options. Any ideas?

As for my goals, I haven’t really been waking close to my 6AM target lately. I’m just really tired a lot lately so that 6AM mark gets blurry and blurry when I was really getting close to it. I won’t give up on getting there but if I’ll base on how much my body clock has adjusted to that, I’m not really as close as I think. But I’ll get there somehow.

Also, ever since I’ve restarted tracking my water intake I’ve noticed that again I’m not drinking enough usually lacking a glass or 2 which is quite a lot actually! Good thing the tracking helped me realize that.

So. Goals for tomorrow: (I won’t be specific for now)

  1. Wake: 6AM
  2. Study
  3. Exam
  4. Rest

Wish me luck!


*Edit: Title said Day 12 when it was suppose to be 13!


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