So. It definitely was a menstrual thing that triggered my migraine yesterday and today I’ve felt better. I now have unfortunately have a lot of catching up to do with regards to my studies.

I bought a roll of wallpaper today but I didn’t intend on putting it on my wall. I instead stuck it on this old table in my room and now it looks good and new! I wish I took a before and after photo because the difference was huge! You should’ve seen how dirty it looked before. I plan on sticking the wallpaper on other stuff other than my wall soon (most likely my cabinets and drawers). The adhesive and design makes it feel like magic. If you have an old table or shelf and can’t find the time to repaint it, why not try an adhesive wallpaper?

So. Goals for tomorrow:

  1. Wake: 6AM
  2. Breakfast: 7AM
  3. Church: 8AM
  4. Study: 9AM
  5. Lunch: 12NN
  6. Study: 1PM
  7. Dinner: 7PM
  8. Sleep: 12MN

Wish me luck!


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