I don’t do Coffee and many are shocked to know that especially with the profession I’m in which are highly know to be coffee addicts.

Ever since that fateful day in grade school science class, where we were to be blind folded and experiment on our senses, I’ve hated coffee. HATE.
I was maybe 10 years old and the aroma of coffee was so perfect and so heavenly! But then a drop was placed on my tongue and bitterness made me hate life and the seed of hate for that bitter taste was planted. Okay maybe that was a tad too dramatic but you get the point.

Come college, I admit I still love the perfect aroma of the coffee beans and I did give coffee a second chance but the love, not even the like, for its taste never grew. I believe it’s an acquired taste but one I don’t think I’ll acquire any time soon, or ever. I do still hang out in coffee shops because that smell is just… heaven. Thankfully they have hot chocolate in their menu.

So. Why do I hate it exactly?
If  really have to explain it, it’s this: Coffee betrayed me. Our relationship was over before it even started. It was like meeting someone for the first time and you expect things but they suddenly rear their ugly head and things are never the same again.
It’s not me, it’s you.
The heavenly smell of coffee was a promise of utter bliss but instead I tasted nothing but bitterness from a soul that initially seemed like a beauty. It was a mask worn to tease my innocent soul.


♪ Silently the senses abandon their defenses ♫ ♪


To put it simply: I LOVE chocolate. Chocolate is brown. Coffee is brown. Coffee has an amazing aroma. Therefore I concluded that coffee would taste like heavenly sweetness. I’m sure you can figure out what happened next…
Spoiler: Nobody dies in this story.

So. How did I survive med school without coffee in my system? (yes I’m a doctor) I’ll probably write about it some other time. For now, goals for tomorrow:

  1. Wake: 6AM – drink lot’s of water!
  2. Breakfast:7AM – vitamins!
  3. Study: 8AM-10AM
  4. Church: 11AM
  5. Lunch: 12NN -fruits?
  6. Study: 1PM-4PM
  7. Shop: 5PM – I need new pants.
  8. Dinner: 6PM
  9. Study: 7PM-10PM
  10. Sleep: 12MN

Wish me luck!


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