Well. It was a good day today! Then only  thing I didn’t get to follow through was cleaning my room, everything else was done with lots of great bonuses thrown in too!

I haven’t mentioned before but I’m actually keeping track with the number of steps I take daily to monitor how active (or inactive) I’ve been. I haven’t really been consistent with my daily step goals lately but today I got to break my record and took more than 11,000 steps! Of course this was because I kept going back and forth due to my paper works where I chose to walk instead of taking the taxi. I think this contributed to my generally positive feeling through out the day.

Exercise = more endorphins = more positive vibes!

And with that. Here are my goals for tomorrow:

  1. Wake: 7AM – I’m sleeping later today so I’m adjusting.
  2. Breakfast 7AM-8AM – don’t forget vitamins!
  3. Study: 9AM-10AM
  4. Church and Lunch: 11AM – fruits!
  5. Lecture: 1PM-6PM
  6. Dinner and buy pants: 7PM-8PM
  7. Study: 9PM-11PM
  8. Sleep: 12MN
  9. Go walking somewhere in between.

Wish me luck!


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