I hope I get to go on for another week!

I don’t think there’s been that huge of an improvement since I started but I’m sure there’s a tiny tiny bit there somehow.

Again, today I’m beat so I’ll keep this short.
How was I today?

  1. Still no improvement with my wake time and breakfast but at least my wake time is somewhere before 7AM and I got to eat a piece of bread which I could hardly call a meal. But at least.
  2. I was awake during most of the lecture today, better than yesterday.
  3. I tried to read a bit to get some studying done but the lecture today drained me and I really need to rest so I’m tucking in early again tonight.
  4. The only goal that I have been consistently achieving lately is my sleep time which isn’t really that comfortable but I’ll eventually get used to it soon. I hope.
  5. I finally got to restart with tracking my water intake and I didn’t expect to actually reach my daily requirement!

So. Goals for tomorrow:

  1. Finish up paper works.
  2. Give dog a bath.
  3. Clean room.
  4. Study.

Blurring out the specific details for my tomorrow. I need a rest and a loose day. I hope this will energize me.

Wish me luck!


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